February 14, 2024

Last Epoch: Explore Eterra with Friends in this Exciting Dungeon-Crawler Game

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Last Epoch is an exciting dungeon-crawler game set in the enchanting world of Eterra. Players embark on thrilling adventures, facing enemies across different time periods. While the game can be enjoyed solo, it truly shines when played with a party of friends.

Last Epoch: Explore Eterra with Friends in this Exciting Dungeon-Crawler Game

Maximum Party Size

In Last Epoch, you can form a party of up to four players. This means you can bring along three other adventurers as you explore the vast and immersive world of Eterra. By inviting others to your party, they will join your active instance, allowing you to open portals and journey together.

Creating a Party

To create a party in Last Epoch, simply press the 'H' key to open the Social Panel. From there, you can send out invites to other online players or friends on your list. It's important to note that adding players to your party increases the health and damage of enemies, providing a greater challenge for your group. However, all players in the party receive the same amount of experience for defeating nearby enemies, making it an excellent way to level up.

Multiplayer Modes

Last Epoch offers four interactive multiplayer modes. In addition to partying up, players can engage in trading at the Bazaar, participate in PvP battles, or simply relax and socialize in public areas. Each mode provides a unique multiplayer experience, adding depth and variety to the game.

Multiplayer Improvements

Online multiplayer was initially released in beta form in March 2023 and has since undergone significant improvements leading up to the major 1.0 update in February 2024. It is crucial to ensure that all players you wish to invite are on the same mode, such as hardcore mode, to ensure compatibility.

For more detailed information on multiplayer features, including party restrictions and other important details, Eleventh Hour Games has provided a comprehensive blog post on Last Epoch's official webpage. Visit the website to learn more and enhance your multiplayer experience.

Enjoy the thrilling adventures of Last Epoch with your friends and conquer the challenges that await in the world of Eterra!

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