Ranking of the Best eSports Bookmakers with Jeton

There has been growing popularity of eSports betting for different reasons. While the suspension of mainstream sporting events following the COVID -19 pandemic played a key role, the vast range of betting markets holds the key to eSports betting popularity. Finding eSports events to bet on these days is also relatively easy, thanks to the availability of eSports betting platforms.

Some punters, mostly newbies, are often puzzled when looking for a convenient and reliable payment method while playing real money video games. Jeton is a popular solution for most punters of the many eSports payment methods available. That primarily is because it is safe and easy to use. Unlike many other casino payment options, it doubles up as a deposit and withdrawal method.

Ranking of the Best eSports Bookmakers with Jeton
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About Jeton

Jeton is a digital payment service that allows users to transfer funds online. That includes paying for services or purchasing products and transferring funds. The service is available in over a hundred countries across the world.

It can be accessed from any device connected to the internet via a web browser or mobile apps. Most punters use the Jeton Wallet to deposit or withdraw funds from their eSports betting accounts. However, they can use the Jeton Card to make deposits. Jeton also supports several other country-specific local payment methods.

The company behind Jeton is called LA Orange LLC, which is registered in the UK. Its headquarters are in London, England. The company was founded in 2016 and has grown in terms of the number of services. It has also been expanding into different countries globally to avail payment services in all the countries in the world. It currently supports more than 50 currencies, which is set to increase over time.

Jeton is particularly popular among online bookies, offered by betting providers in nearly all the countries in which it is supported. It is particularly most popular in eSports betting sites based in Europe.

How to make a deposit with Jeton

As mentioned earlier, punters have two options for load funds into their accounts. First, eSports players can use Jeton Wallet. All users must load the Jeton Wallet account with enough funds to make the deposit, including associated transaction costs. The punters can then visit the eSports betting site to which they want to deposit funds and navigate to the banking section.

In the banking section, a player can select the Jeton Wallet payment option and fill in the deposit amount and the Jeton Wallet name from which the funds will be deposited. A pop-up screen will redirect the punters to their Jeton Wallet accounts, where they can sign in and approve the transaction prompt received. If all the details check out, the transaction will be processed immediately, and funds will be reflected in the punters’ betting accounts.

Players can also make deposits with a Jeton Card preloaded with funds. Punters can then use the cards like any regular debit card, including transferring the funds to a betting site. They only need to select the Jeton Card payment option eSports from a betting site that allows the payment method, specify the deposit amount, and enter the card details accurately to make the deposit.

In either case, punters do not provide banking details or link their bank accounts to the betting site. The deposit limit varies from one betting site to another and in different countries.

How to make a withdrawal with Jeton

The withdrawal process is also relatively easy. For starters, punters must ensure they have enough funds in their betting accounts to make a withdrawal, factoring in the minimum withdrawal limits allowed by the betting provider. They must also confirm that the betting site accepts withdrawals via Jeton Wallet.

To initiate a withdrawal, punters must log in to their betting account and navigate to the withdrawal section on the banking page. They should then choose the Jeton Wallet option, which will prompt them to enter the amount they wish to withdraw. After inputting the withdrawal amount, they can submit the withdrawal request.

Withdrawal processing time

Withdrawal processing time usually varies in different online eSports betting sites. Betting providers take different durations to verify and approve withdrawal requests. Delays in withdrawal processing also help minimize or prevent fraud. Most betting providers usually take about three days to release the withdrawn funds.

Mobile withdrawals

Punters can withdraw funds using their mobile devices. The process is relatively similar to using a web browser but with minimal differences in the user interface.

Pros and cons with Jeton


  • Supported in many countries: Jeton is currently supported in more than a hundred countries, making it available and accessible to many punters. That especially comes in handy among punters who use international betting sites.

  • Safe: All payments made via Jeton Wallet are safe and secure. Jeton Wallet uses some of the most advanced and secure security systems and guarantees user privacy.

  • Convenient and easy to use: Making transactions using Jeton is fast and straightforward. Punters can use it conveniently at any time.


  • Unavailable in some countries: The main disadvantage of Jeton is that it is not supported in all countries. That means some punters cannot access the services.

Jeton account opening process

Punters can only open a Jeton Wallet account from the official Jeton website or mobile app. The process is relatively simple and takes minutes. To get started, users should click the ‘Sign Up’ button. That will open a registration form where the user must fill in the required details correctly.

These details include a telephone number, email address, name, and date of birth. Users must also create a unique password that they will be using to access the account. The system will then send a confirmation code to the user via SMS on the provided phone number, which the user must input to continue the registration process.

The next stage involves specifying the address data. That includes the country, city, and postal code. Users must then read through the terms and conditions and indicate that they have done so by marking the checkbox.

After that, the users can access their newly created Jeton Wallet account. However, they still have to verify the account before any transaction they make is processed. That is typically a mandatory step in all financial institutions, known as KYC. That is done via ID verification and proof of address.

Account opening limitations

Users must be over 18 years to open a Jeton Wallet account. There are also several limitations to holding a provider account. For example, the provider must provide their KYC (know-your-customer) and anti-money laundering information needed. The provider must also agree to all the Jeton terms and conditions.

Jeton customer support options

Users can access Jeton’s customer support services in two main ways. The first one is through live chat available on their official website, where users can relay any query or issue to a customer care representative. It typically takes several minutes before the first response is sent. However, subsequent responses are fast.

The second option for accessing customer support services is via email. This option comes in handy for lengthy and detail-oriented issues. It typically takes several hours to get an email response.

Jeton also has a detailed guide page, which users can access to get information that will help them solve common issues independently. They can also seek help from other users via social media and online forums.

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