Our Top 5 Esports Betting Tips for Better Odds

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Katrin Becker

If you are an esports fan, you have probably once in your life thought of getting into esports betting. Esports betting is actually quite fun and even more exciting than esports itself because your money is on the line. The thrill you get when the team you bet on is winning is something you can't get from other activities. 

Our Top 5 Esports Betting Tips for Better Odds

However, it's not that easy to win all the time in esports betting. If you don't know what you are doing, you can end up losing several bets in a row. To help you with that, here are our top five esports betting tips that can improve your odds of winning. 

Compare Odds at Different Casinos

Probably the best thing you can do to get better odds in esports betting is to compare odds at different online esports casinos and then pick the one that offers the best odds. The thing is, while most online esports casinos agree to some degree about certain outcomes, there are slight differences. 

For example, you might get odds of 2.5 for an outcome in an esports event at an online esports casino, but some other online esports casinos might be offering odds of 2.6. The difference might not seem like a lot. However, it's better to select esports bookmakers with better odds since it is just one click away.

If you don't know of any good online casinos to compare odds, you don't need to worry. We have got you covered. Check out OnlineCasinoRank, where you can find expert reviews for some of the best casinos out there. 

Stick to Your  Strategy

If you have a particular favorite team for the entire event and want to bet on it if they enter the finals, you should stick to it. Don't let your emotions get the best of you. You might want to place a particular bet only because you feel it's a good idea. If it's against your betting strategy, you shouldn't give in to your emotions. 

Do Your Research

When you start placing bets on an esports event, you must know what's actually going on. We aren't talking about the game but about other things inside the esports ecosystem for the game. 

For example, you should know what the best teams are. You should also know if any new updates are added to the game. These updates can change the meta, which means certain players might perform better or worse. To figure out all that stuff, you must do your research.

Follow the Teams & the Players

Besides the information about the esports ecosystem, you should have good knowledge about the teams and the players themselves. You must know what players are on the team for the event. You should know what their past performance has been like. 

You should also know if a team has included a new player that is extremely talented. You can do all that by following the teams and players on social media. 

Don't Skip Smaller Events Leading Up to the Main Event

Knowing about the players and only looking at the event you want to place bets on is not enough. You need to know how the smaller events leading up to the finals played out. By looking at smaller events, you can answer questions like whether a team has been performing as they have in past tournaments or whether they are in shape this year.

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