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Privacy Policy

At EsportRanker, we acknowledge that personal information about our users are important to gather but in the same time, protecting and ensuring the users' information are safe are just as important. We use all the information for only purposes that are mandatory.

All the users who visit the EsportRanker website are accepting that they agree to terms of conditions of our general, cookie and privacy policies. In this policy you can find all the reasons we use the users' informations for.

If a user does not want their information to ne used in the manner outlined in this general policy, they have the right to stop using this site. EsportRanker reserve the right to alter this Privacy Policy. Users of this site will automatically accept any changes in any of our policies upon using this website.

Cookie Policy

This cookie policy applies to, as well as other domains related to the brand. We use cookies to ensure the smooth running of the website. The cookies used at EsportRanker do not save any kind of personal information about the user. A user can disable our cookies anytime, by turning them off in the browser settings however, some of the functions might not work properly when cookies are turned off.

Cookies used on this site

Google Analytics - This is a marketing optimisation tool used for collecting general information about users upon visiting our website. This tool enables us to see what pages users visit, or how long they stay on the site. Google Analytics never stores private information.

Matomo - This is a marketing optimisation tool similar to Google Analytics. Matomo collects the user's general information which will help us optimising EsportRanker's website.

Public areas of the site

Be mindful of disclosing any personal information on this, or any of our other websites. Any kind of information provided by a user in a public area of the site will become public information.

Information placed on a forum, livechat, or other public areas of the internet, can be used by third party operators. This may result you to receive advertisements and unwanted messages on your email address.


EsportRanker might provide you with information from time to time about our website, or unrelated services if you have provided personal details before.

Users have the chance to stop receiving messages from us. When we ask for more information, the user can refuse to give details, or the user can remove themselves from any other contact lists.

Make sure your account details (including your password) are safe. Never share your account details with anyone, and be aware that providing personal information and details on the internet might not be safe to do.

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Jason Tanaka

Jason "PixelPioneer" Tanaka, a tech-savvy Seattle native, is the visionary behind EsportRanker. Melding a lifelong passion for gaming with a keen business insight, Jason has transformed EsportRanker into the ultimate hub for esports enthusiasts globally.

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