Your Best World of Tanks Betting Guide 2024

World of Tanks (WoT) is a top-rated creation of Wargaming, a Cyprus-based video game company. The latter announced its development in 2009, alleging that its budget was larger than any other title's in the gaming industry back then. This game was released in August the following year after a series of successful beta tests.

By December 2013, World of Tanks had over 70 million registered players globally. It's undeniable that this game's userbase has enormously grown since then. Notably, not everyone plays WoT to do away with boredom. There's also an eSports subdivision where skilled players and teams compete against each other for various prize pools.

Your Best World of Tanks Betting Guide 2024
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What to expect from World of Tanks?

What to expect from World of Tanks?

Playing World of Tanks, for sheer fun or competitively, requires gamers to amass vast knowledge about it. This legendary massively multiplayer online (MMO) game boasts hundreds of combat vehicles from the 20th century, including locomotive artillery, tanks (light, heavy and medium), and tank hunters.

These armored automobiles are from different parts of the world, such as Britain, France, Japan, Poland, Germany, China, and the United States. In addition, they are all customizable, and they don't come with similar performances, roles, or strengths on the battlefield. Depending on their goals, a player decides the additional equipment their vehicle needs.

Players vs. players (PvP) gameplay is World of Tanks' primary game mode. Therefore, each player picks a single combat vehicle to use. Once they land on a random battlefield, they are in charge of its movement and firing. They can also leverage the voice or typed chat feature to communicate with other gamers, allied or otherwise, at their convenience.

WoT players can engage in various battles in this game. The main types are as follows:

  • Random battles
  • Team battles
  • Tank-company battles
  • Special battles
  • Team-training battles
  • Stronghold battles
What to expect from World of Tanks?
Betting on World of Tanks

Betting on World of Tanks

Countless proficient World of Tanks bettors can affirm that wagering on this game is a walkover! One of the primary reasons for this is many esport betting sites offer it, most of whom provide favorable features such as great odds on different WoT tournaments, multiple deposit/withdrawal methods, and accommodating customer support teams.

Besides, World of Tanks eSport betting is straightforward, especially after a punter has identified a bookie whose aspects meet their unique requirements. Here's what they should do:

  • Visit the betting website's eSports section
  • Click on "World of Tanks (WoT)"
  • Select a market
  • Enter the bet amount
  • Confirm the wager

World of Tanks betting preparation

Although wagering on World of Tanks is simple, punters should prep for it if they hope to make the most out of it. But how can they do this? For starters, one can research the popular markets available, such as:

  • Handicaps
  • First blood
  • Map winner
  • Match winner/Moneyline bets
  • Base captured
  • Total score

It's also shrewd for a punter to evaluate a betting website's security as they prepare to start their World of Tanks betting venture. The truth is, while there's a sizeable pool of safe, legitimate WoT betting sites, a few insecure ones also exist. And punters must avoid them at all costs.

Betting on World of Tanks
Is there a World of Tanks tournament to bet on?

Is there a World of Tanks tournament to bet on?

Yes. There are different WoT championships, which allow various professional esports teams to compete against each other. These events may come with varying terms and conditions to govern the activities of all participating parties.

Typically, World of Tanks tournaments come in three formats – Skirmishes, Challenges, and Clan Tournaments. Depending on a specific competition, the teams can have between three and fifteen eSport athletes. Most of these organizations also bring qualified 'reserve' players to replace those who might not make it to the stage due to issues such as visa complications.

The latest World of Tanks global tournament was the 2022 World of Tanks Championship International, this game's first 15VS15 event. The top teams participating in it were from Europe, China, Asia Pacific, North America and the Commonwealth of Independent States. The prize pool was €130,000, large enough to push these teams to offer their best.

World of Tanks Grand Finals is one of the most prestigious event amongst WoT players. It is also a great opportunity to place bets on esports.

Doubtlessly, these global World of Tanks tournaments are a huge deal, especially for those in the eSports community. They provide the athletes with opportunities to showcase their mad WoT skills, challenge their opponents, build a name for themselves, and optimistically pave the way for further career advancement.

Is there a World of Tanks tournament to bet on?
Betting on World of Tanks at providers

Betting on World of Tanks at providers

Any World of Tanks enthusiast can bet on it at some of the best eSports providers today, including 22BET, Betwinner, and Megapari. Punters should only register with these betting websites after confirming they suit their diverse betting needs. But what's the most appropriate way to do this? Well, evaluating their features always tops the list.

A worthy WoT bookmaker comes with an intuitive site, and it allows gamblers to bet on mobile. This way, they can place bets on this popular eSport while on the move, at work or even when sharing a meal with their friends.

In addition, it provides reasonable World of Tanks odds that increase the chances of bettors' success, no matter their experience level. This motivates them and allows them to advance their professional gambling careers.

Transparency is another key feature to watch out for at an eSports betting app providing World of Tanks. It should offer comprehensive regulatory policies to let punters know the dos and don'ts of enjoying all its services. They also have honest, multi-lingual customer service experts who guide bettors and help them make the most out of their WoT betting ventures.

Betting on World of Tanks at providers
Follow the best WoT teams and bet accurately

Follow the best WoT teams and bet accurately

Knowledge about the top-rated World of Tanks teams is always handy when wagering on this game. It enables punters to identify underdogs and favorites and, hopefully, choose the most profitable betting markets.

These are some of today's best WoT teams.

Natus Vincere

NAVI was established in 2009. It has teams and eSports athletes competing in not only World of Tanks but also Dota 2, FIFA, Apex Legends, League of Legends, Paladins, Valorant and Fortnite. This team won first place in the 2014 and 2016 League of World of Tanks.

Tornado Energy

Here's another highly-ranked World of Tanks team that has played several matches over the years. It emerged victorious at the 2017 WoT Grand Finals, walking home with a whopping $150,000, distributed among its WoT

active roster back then.


HellRaisers is also known for its pretty phenomenal World of Tanks team that has competed against others in several tournaments. It has signed talented WoT players such as Vladislav "Neskwi" Kanaev, Andrei "lolwo" Dzenisenka, and Vladimir "DYADOR" Drutskiy.

Other outstanding World of Tanks teams worth following right now are:

  • Team Dignitas
  • Virtus. pro
  • Elevate
  • RoX
  • PENTA Sports
  • Not So Serious
  • Oops - The Tough
Follow the best WoT teams and bet accurately
Pros and Cons of World of Tanks

Pros and Cons of World of Tanks

Punters playing World of Tanks ought to understand its perks and shortcomings to get a hint of what to expect. Here are the pros as follows.

  • Easy and Affordable: WoT players don't have to undergo special training to enjoy this game since it's not a hardcore simulator. What's even more convenient is they're not required to part with a dime to do it because it's absolutely free to play. This makes it fit for amateur and proficient gamers on a budget or otherwise.

  • Countless Combat Vehicles: World of Tanks features many armored vehicles for players to unlock and leverage during battle. All these available machines are upgradable, allowing them to experiment, identify their strengths and eventually realize their full potential as gamers.

  • Mystery: World of Tanks is an enigma meant to gratify the needs of gamers who love thrillers. Each battle in this game plays out differently, even when the players utilize similar machines customized in the same way. This means there's always something unique to look forward to, enhancing the excitement delivered.


  • One of World of Tanks' main downsides is that players have to pay for its premium features. Therefore, those who can't are deprived of this title's most exhilarating experiences.
Pros and Cons of World of Tanks
Understanding World of Tanks betting odds

Understanding World of Tanks betting odds

Learning how to read World of Tanks odds should be a priority for any punter who plans to bet on this esport unless they want to set themselves up for failure.

Typically, different betting sites provide WoT odds for their members, and they may vary from one bookie to another. Comprehending them is easy as long as one grasps the popular formats available today. These include, but are not limited, to the following.

  • Decimal Odds: Many World of Tanks betting websites avail decimal odds because most punters can comfortably read and use them to calculate their potential winnings. They only need to multiply them with their respective stakes.
  • Fractional Odds: Fractional WoT odds are pretty common among esports bookmakers in the United Kingdom. Like the decimal odds above, they are also straightforward. While the top number represents the possible payouts, the bottom one shows the amount one should stake. For instance, a bookie may offer 10/1 odds for a particular World of Tanks team. This means punters win $10 for every $1 they stake.
  • American Odds: WoT punters might find American odds at betting platforms in the United States. These come with either positive or negative numbers. The former indicates the sum they could fetch if they stake $100. On the other hand, the latter shows the sum they have to bet if they hope to rake in $100.
Understanding World of Tanks betting odds
World of Tanks betting tips and tricks

World of Tanks betting tips and tricks

World of Tanks is a popular option for both experienced and beginner punters. These parties can utilize various strategies to ensure their betting ventures bear fruits. One of them is keeping track of their favorite team or player's performances. This could be by analyzing the results of the last ten or more competitions in which it has participated.

Punters can also watch their favored WoT players on platforms like YouTube and Twitch to gauge their skills and decide if it's wise to bet on them. Supposing a bettor wants to wager on WoT tournaments, they should wait until the competitions' final stages – qualifying ones are unpredictable, and it's easy to bet on World of Tanks teams or players who might be eliminated sooner than expected.

World of Tanks betting tips and tricks
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