November 9, 2023

Activision's Team RICOCHET Introduces 'Splat' to Combat Cheaters in Call of Duty

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Activision's Team RICOCHET has been working on exciting updates for the anti-cheat engine in preparation for the launch of Modern Warfare 3 and the next generation of Warzone. In a recent blog post, Call of Duty fans were informed about the new features coming to RICOCHET, with one particular anti-cheat mechanic standing out for its hilarity.

Activision's Team RICOCHET Introduces 'Splat' to Combat Cheaters in Call of Duty

Introducing 'Splat'

The standout feature of the update is called 'Splat'. This mechanic is designed to make the game unplayable for cheaters by messing with their gameplay in a humorous way. When a player is detected as cheating in the pre-game lobby, they will find themselves jumping out of the entry plane without a parachute. And if a cheater is detected after successfully deploying, their velocity will be adjusted, resulting in a 10,000-foot drop that instantly kills them. It's a bizarre but effective way to deal with cheaters.

Safety and Effectiveness

Team RICOCHET has emphasized that the 'Splat' feature is safe and will only activate for detected cheaters. It will not be triggered by player-based reporting. This assurance is important to maintain player confidence in the anti-cheat system. In fact, the RICOCHET Anti-Cheat logo was added to the kill feed to provide real-time visual confirmation of the system's protection.

Machine Learning for Enhanced Detection

In addition to the 'Splat' feature, Team RICOCHET is utilizing Machine Learning to identify new cheat behaviors in client and server data. This technology allows them to actively challenge abnormal behavior and protect the community from cheaters. By analyzing approximately 700 gameplay clips daily, Team RICOCHET is working to combat the constant influx of cheaters in the Call of Duty community. With the help of the new 'Replay Investigation Tool', the Machine Learning model can automatically review up to 1,000 clips per day, with this number expected to grow.


It is encouraging to see Activision's commitment to addressing cheaters in Call of Duty. The introduction of the 'Splat' feature and the use of Machine Learning demonstrate their dedication to protecting the gaming experience for legitimate players. While there is still room for improvement, these updates are a step in the right direction. Stay tuned to for more Call of Duty news.

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