February 13, 2024

Treasure Hunting Adventure: Bridge Construction Report Quest in Enshrouded

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In the game Enshrouded, exploration plays a significant role in your journey. One of the exciting quests that involves treasure hunting is the Bridge Construction Report quest.

Treasure Hunting Adventure: Bridge Construction Report Quest in Enshrouded

Starting the Quest

The Carpenter, an important character in the game, provides you with a valuable tip. He reveals that he has hidden a treasure chest inside a bridge and gives you all the necessary instructions to retrieve it. While these instructions may initially seem clear, they can be misleading once you reach the bridge.

Steps to Complete the Quest

Completing the Bridge Construction Report sidequest in Enshrouded is both rewarding and relatively quick. Follow these steps to successfully complete the quest:

  1. Head to the Braelyn Bridge by following the quest location cursor on the map.
  2. Upon stepping onto the bridge, you will receive a notification indicating that the treasure chest is located below. The chest is hidden within the foundations of the bridge.
  3. Jump directly towards the location prompt and glide to the ground near the pillar. Note that the prompt may appear higher than your current location, but you can ignore this discrepancy.
  4. Go around the pillar closest to the prompt, which is the nearest pillar to the Tower.
  5. On the other side of the pillar, you will find rubble. Use your pickaxe to dig through the rubble and uncover the hidden chest.


By successfully locating and opening the treasure chest, you can claim various rewards. These rewards may include rare, epic, or legendary weapons, as well as experience points for completing the sidequest.

Don't miss out on the Bridge Construction Report sidequest in Enshrouded. It's a worthwhile adventure that offers valuable rewards and an opportunity to test your treasure hunting skills!

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